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WARNING: One of our competitors advertises his services using our brand name Hungarian Birdwatching. This might be misleading. We are the original Hungarian Birdwatching successfully serving birders from all over the world since 2004.

Ethical birdwatchingHungarianbirdwatching.com is an association of enthusiastic birders. We organise professional birding tours and birdwatching holidays in Hungary and in Budapest. Our birding tours are highly personalised to your needs. During our birding trips to Hortobágy, Lake Fertő, Kiskunság, Bükkk and Zemplén Mountains, Lake Tisza and other Important Bird Areas (IBAs), in Hungary you have a reasonable chance to to see Great Bustard, Saker, White-tailed and Imperial Eagle, Pygmy Cormorant, various woodpeckers like Syrian and White-backed, as well as warblers (e.g. Savi's, Sedge, Moustached, River Warbler) etc. We operate with small groups, and in our trips you will also have the opportunity to taste good Hungarian wines and explore the cultural heritages of Hungary.

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Birdwatching ethics


Exercise restraint and caution during observation, photography, sound recording, or filming

Being an organiser of birding trips and birdwatching holidays, we are aware that the most wanted birds for our customers are usually rare species that are globally threatened and very sensitive. That's why we set very strict ethical rules for our birdwatching tours. We use only experienced guides and our tour manager guarantees that our birding tours are conducted in an ethical manner. We strictly adhere ourselves to the Birdwatchers' Code of Conduct and to the American Birding Association's Principles of Birding Ethics.

We also await that our customers accept these ethical clauses and do not make any pressure on our guides to breach these rules.

Actively involve the local community...The 2002 Cape Town Declaration contains the characteristics of responsible tourism and lays down guiding principles for economic, social and environmental responsibility. Upon planning our tours we fully consider these principles. Likely you are a responsible traveller and you rather choose a Hungarian tour operator, which "generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities" than a non-Hungarian operator taking out most of its profit from the host country.

Beside birding we always put emphasis on showing our cultural heritage, and you will know more about the history and culture of our beautiful country from a local guide than from a foreigner or expat tour leader.

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Bird areas


Hungary lays in the Carpathian Basin Hungary is located in Central Europe and lies in the Carpathian Basin. 50% of the country's area is flat plains: the Great Plain occupying the entire eastern half of the country and the Lesser Plain located along the northwestern border. The northern part of the Great Plain called the Puszta. The two largest rivers are the Danube (Duna) and the Tisza which traverse the country from north to south. The region lying between the two rivers is flat while the region west of the Danube, called Transdanubia, is hilly. The warmest lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton is located there. A mountainous region spans the country diagonally: the 400 to 700 meter high Transdanubian mountains west of the Danube and the Northern Mountain Range with peaks between 500 and 1000 meters. The northern highlands, a southern extension of the Carpathians, contain the highest point in Hungary, Kékes (1014 m), which is situated in the Mátra Mountains.

The main birding areas of Hungary are: Hortobágy, Kiskunság, Bükk Mountains, Zemplén Mountains, Lake Fertő and Hanság, Tisza River and Lake Tisza, Kis-Balaton, Börzsöny Mountains. These areas are also Important Bird Areas (IBA).

Hungary has 10 National Parks:

Aggtelek National Park
National Park sign
Bükk National Park
Hortobágy National Park
Körös-Maros National Park
Kiskunság National Park
Duna-Ipoly National Park
Fertő-Hanság National Park
Őrség National Park
Duna-Dráva National Park
Balaton Uplands National Park

In Hungarian language National Park is called 'Nemzeti Park', see first sign on the picture above. The second sign indicates that it is 'Strictly protected area' and the red message says 'Entry with permission only!'. In Hungary many times it is not clearly indicated on roads, dirt roads, whether you can drive or walk into an area which many times make conflicts between rangers and birders, tourists.

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Birds of Hungary


Pygmy Cormorant - Photo by Tamas GaidoschAccording to the Nomenclator Avium Hungariae (An Annotated List of the Birds of Hungary) some 400 bird species are recorded officially in Hungary. Thirty percent of them are irregular, rare visitors, but we have some 300 birds resident, breeding, wintering in Hungary and/or can be seen during the migration period. Among these birds we find Great Bustard, Saker, Red-footed Falcon, Imperial Eagle, Lesser-spotted Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Wryneck, Syrian, White-backed and Middle-spotted Woodpeckers, Eagle and Ural Owls, Hawfinch and Collared Flycatcher. You can see as well Black and White Storks (on chimneys as well), Little Egret, Spoonbill, Night Heron, Glossy Ibis, Pygmy Cormorant, Ferruginous Duck. And of course, you can admire Hungary's most colourful birds the Golden Oriole, Hoopoe, Bee-eater and Roller.

Download the Checklist of Hungarian birds in pdf format, which contains English, scientific and Hungarian names of birds in Hungary. The Checklist also contains Principles of Birding Ethics, map of Hungary with birding hotspots, emergency telephone numbers and basic Hungarian words and phrases. To find easier birds in the list, silhouettes of characteristics birds are also represented in the checklist. If your printer supports 2-sided printing, you can print the Checklist in A5 booklet format.

You find more information on birds of Hungary on our website or at Birding.hu. There you also find the most recent checklist of birds in Hungary as well as interesting observations of the last two weeks.

If you are birding in Hungary, please, send your observations of rare birds to Hungarian Rarities Committee or upload to Birding.hu. Thank you...

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Birding tours

Birding tours are personalisedMost outgoing birding tour operators organise only one or two birding tours per year to Hungary (usually in May and October). Tours are usually 7-8 days long (first and last day mostly travelling), very standardised, group size between 6-12. Itinerary is not flexible at all, does not respect individual interests and there are always some people in the group who always look into the scope before you. During these tours you have limited opportunities to meet local people and get acquainted with our history, culture and heritage.

Contrary, the tours organised by Hungarianbirdwatching.com:

  • available all year around any day,
  • made even for single birder or a couple,
  • can be day trips, 2-4 days tours or weeklong holidays,
  • fully personalised to your needs (we seamlessly integrate in the itinerary your subjects of interests such as winetasting, thermal bathes, castles and palaces, rural heritage, music),
  • have flexible itineraries and respect the needs of spouses (not necessarily gifted birdwatchers),
  • can start either in Budapest or even Vienna and end anywhere in the country,
  • let you better know Hungary, the Hungarians, our wines, meals, music, culture and history,
  • further on we and our tourism partners provide full support planning your holiday.


On Hungarianbirdwatching.com's tours page you find various tour offers: day-trips, scheduled tours and elements of bespoke tours. Read some itineraries, and tell us what you would like to see during your tour and we plan it.

Tour price dependent on number of birders, areas visited, transport needs (some birders prefer to use their own/rented car, other need transport), accomodation preferences (some birders are happy with a b&b, others need 4* hotel full board and add-on programs such as winetasting). Price per birder per day starts at EUR 70 (more birders, guiding only) and ends around EUR 240 (few birders, all inklusive service), so please, give us the opportunity to provide you with a detailed price offer. We do not have any hidden costs such as fuel surcharges, entrance tickets, forced tips, etc.

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Ethical birdwatchingOur guides are experienced birders, who know well the birds, calls, areas and habitats. Where possible we use local birders, our extensive network covers the whole country (from Pécs on the South to Tata on the North and from Fertő-Hanság on the West to Hortobágy on the East). Tour leaders speak fluent English and are not just good birders, but smart, smooth and kind persons as well, who are passionate to show you the natural and cultural values of our country. You find the CVs of the core team here.

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You can read some of our recent customers' reviews at Tripadvisor.

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E-mailEmail: mail@hungarianbirdwatching.com
Phone +36-20-327-7686
Fax +36-1-276-8827
Address Budapest, Rózsa u 9/b., H-1214 Hungary

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